We established our company, Proton Corporation Co.,Ltd., in an attempt to meet the needs to maintain and promote your healthy lives.

Our main activity is to produce and distribute the production systems of electrolyzed alkaline water. Furthermore, we sell cosmetic products using electrolyzed alkaline water, environmentally-friendly cleaning water, and dietary supplements through over 100 agents across the country and we also provide those production systems of electrolyzed alkaline water on an OEM basis.

In recent years, the importance of environment and health has been emphasized and the technical innovation and the creation of new values have been required as well. In this situation, from a global standpoint, we intend to promote the improvement of the system of R & D (research and development), production and distribution, in order to provide satisfactory products and services not only to Japanese people but also to people around the world.

Under the slogan of “a healthy and happy life”, we do our best to enrich our lives in various fields and to gain hopeful lives, and we are pursuing a future when we live together.

Seize the needs of the age and move forward to a new world!

Proton Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Representative Director, Ryosaku Iwami

"Alkaline water"beyond great testing water

Water plays a considerable role to stay healthy. Water serves to transport nutrients to every cell of the body and get unnecessary waste materials and toxins out of the body.

Nowadays we drink various kinds of water such as tap water, mineral water, and filtered water. However, most of them are the kinds of water which cause oxidation (rusting) in the body.

Good water is the water which are uncontaminated by chemicals and has the function to reduce oxidation (rusting) in the body. In other words, good water is “alkaline water” produced by electrolysis of water.