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Company Name Proton Corporation Co.,Ltd.Proton Corporation Co.,Ltd.
  • Representative Director : Ryosaku Iwami
  • Director : Katsuhiko Mataki
  • Director : Hirotake Kato
Headquarters and Plant 12-3,Fuchinobe 1-chome, Chuo-ku,Sagamihara,Kanagawa, Japan 252-0206
TEL 042-730-5669
FAX 042-730-5603


  1. Manufacture and sale of electrolyzed alkaline water generator
  2. Manufacture and sale of strongly acidic water generator
  3. Sale of quasi drugs and cosmetics
  4. Sale of various health foods
  5. All businesses incidental to each of the above items


Second-Class Medical Equipment Manufacturing and Marketing License License No.14B2X100009
Medical Device Manufacturing License License No.14BZ200089
Medical Device Repairing License License No.14BS200069