What is alkaline water

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What is alkaline water ?

What is alkaline water ? “alkaline water” is a type of water with enhanced functionality generated by electrolysis. “alkaline water” is effective for improving your gastrointestinal conditions if you drink it and supports intestinal movement. This water has Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP, electric energy possessed by water) between -200 mV to -400 mV, at which range the original freshness and good taste of the foods are well pulled out.What is alkaline water (reduction water)?

“Alkaline water” goes beyond the framework of palatable water!

For your healthy living, water plays an important role. It sends nutrients to the cells in every corner of your body and releases unnecessary wastes and toxin from the body. Accordingly, it is necessary to supplement around 2.5 liters of water “excellent to health” every day. We are drinking various types of water, such as city water, mineral water, water generated by purifier, etc as you select. However, most of the water you are taking has the power to rust substances (oxidation power). Good water is the water not contaminated with chemical substances (chlorine, trihalomethane, etc.) and has the function to alter the oxidation (power to rust) to reduction (power to restore to the former state). Such water is “alkaline water” generated through electrolysis of water.. With the use of alkaline water, improve your intestinal environment and activate metabolism of your body and keep your body healthy while enjoying tasty foods making effective use of material.

Principle of electrolysis

Principle of ElectrolysisThe city water is passed through a purifying cartridge to remove stains and then electrolyzed. The water generated on the cathode side is called “electrolytic alkaline water” and the water generated on the anode side is called “electrolytic acidic water”. Our company defines such water collectively as Proton Water. Electrolytic alkaline water contains more hydrogen (gas). It has the power to reduce (to restore) the oxidized (rust) substances to the original form. Electrolytic acidic water has the function to tighten the skin refreshingly.

IP theory (Ionic Product)

Dr. K.Hanaoka, announced his IP theory in one of the international magazines of electrochemistry. IP theory difines the value measured from the electrolytic water the “water” itself. It is a theory looking at water from the solvent side. The value differs from 0.4 to 1.0. It was made clear by his theory that as the result of energizing water, some interesting phenomena are observed.