Electrolyzed alkaline water " Feliz Agua"

Feliz Agua

Alkaline water is effective for improving your digestion!

Alkaline water is effective for improving your digestionFeliz Agua is a medical device used to create healthy “alkaline water” from tap water. “Alkaline water” is produced on the cathode side in electrolysis and possesses enhanced functionality. Drinking alkaline water daily improves the digestion* and helps maintain a healthy digestive system. It also brings out the original freshness and flavor of your food.

* Improving digestive health refers to… Providing relief from the heavy and uncomfortable feel you sometimes get in the stomach. Helping the digestive system work better and preventing constipation.

Three types and six levels of water useful for health, beauty and cooking can be produced

Electrolyzed alkaline water

Alkaline water is produced on the cathode side in electrolysis and has a rounded mild taste. In addition to helping maintain a healthy digestive system, alkaline water brings out the natural flavors of ingredients in food; therefore, alkaline water makes all your cooking surprisingly tasty.

ph10 Washing/cleaning vegetables

Suitable for cleaning vegetables such as burdock root and bamboo shoots. Effectively removes oxides and the bitter taste in vegetables.

Washing/cleaning vegetables
ph9.5 Drinking/cooking

Brings out the flavor and color in coffee, tea, and soup stock, etc.

ph9 Drinking/cooking rice

Rice becomes shiny, soft and tasty. Drinking in the initial stage

Drinking/cooking rice
ph8.5 Drinking in the initial stage

Improves the digestive system through gradual daily consumption. Start drinking the water in this range.

Drinking in the initial stage Improves the digestive system through gradual daily consumption. Start drinking the water in this range.

Purified water

Purified waterThe cartridge powerfully removes turbidity and odors from chlorine and mold in tap water; therefore, the purified water is safe to drink and tastes delicious.

For medication/milk

Purified water without impurities is suitable for use in powdered milk and for taking medication

Electrolyzed acidic water

For washing the faceAcidic water is produced on the anode side in electrolysis and has the effect of firming. It helps maintain the skin when used for washing the face. In addition, the water can also be used for noodles and tempura.

For washing the face

Mildly acid water is gentle on the skin and can be used for washing the hands and face.

For cooking

For cookingIf acid water is used to boil noodles, the noodles are boiled to a perfect firmness. In addition, the batter used in tempura
ends up crispy.

A high performance electrolysis tank and water purification system are included. High rank electrolyzed water dispenser

1.The cartridge removes impurities and produces excellent tasting water

First of all, before the tap water enters the electrolysis tank, the cartridge removes chlorine included in the water. At the same time, silver ions, which are excellent antibacterial agents, suppress the propagation of germs within the cartridge, thereby making the water safe and delicious.

Water with a high reducing characteristic
2.Ion decomposition of purified water with the high performance electrolysis tank

In order to suppress the difference in water quality between regions, electrolysis by constant current control was adopted. As a result, a wide range of different water qualities can be handled and stable electrolysis is achieved.

3.Reduction potential - realization of 250 mV* or more

Due to the excellent electrolysis performance, alkali ion water with a significantly high reduction potential can be produced. In addition, stable alkali ion water which is barely affected by the differences in water quality between regions can be supplied.

Comparison of the electric potential of various types of water (Source: Proton Corporation)

Types of Water Electric Potential (mV)
Tap Water* +500 to 750
Natural Water +100 to +200
Feliz Agua Water -250 or more*

* Figure may differ by water quality/temperature.



(1) Replacement warning for the water purification cartridge which is capable of processing up to 15 tons of water

The water purification cartridge can be used for approximately one year (15 tons) when processing 40 liters of water per day. A cartridge lamp flashes when the amount of processed water reaches 14 tons to signal it is time for a replacement cartridge. The lamp remains constantly lit when the amount of processed water reaches 15 tons.

(2) High performance electrolysis tank

The electrolysis tank is configured with 4 chambers and 5 plates. A titanium platinum coated electrode is used for the electrode plate. Electrolysis efficiency is enhanced and a stable supply of electrolyzed water is always available.

(3) Fully automatic cleaning function

Feliz Agua adopts a microcomputer controlled automatic cleaning method. Cleaning is conducted in accordance with the amount of water used after every use thereby preventing degradation of the electrolysis capacity from scale formation on the electrode plate.

(4) Music On/Off switch

Music is played during the production of electrolyzed acid water. The music can also be turned off.

(5) Compact design for ease of use

Feliz Agua adopts a two way method of diverging water from faucets. The compact design allows installation anywhere even on walls.



Water supply specifications Faucet divergence (two way)
Rated voltage AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption Approximately 200W
Main unit Dimensions Width 240 × Height 290 × Depth 115 (mm)
Weight Approximately 5 kg
Operation method Push buttons (for switching the type of water produced, switching the electrolysis intensity, music during acid water production)
Max. water temperature Approximately 40 degrees Celsius
Used tap water pressure range 0.1 to 0.5 MPa (1.0 to 5.0kgf/cm2)
Water processing capability 4.5 to 5.0 liters /minute (dispensed amount 3.0 to 3.5 liters/minute)
Electrolysis level switch Purified water/electrolysis 4 levels
Electrolysis tank Electrode materials Titanium/platinum coating (5 electrode plates)
Cleaning Automatic cleaning
Water purifier Processing ability 15,000 liters (water with a maximum chlorine concentration of 0.4mg/liter is produced when the chlorine concentration of the raw water is 2mg/liter)
Filtration materials Silver impregnated granular activated carbon/calcium sulfite
Replacement display Replacement light
Safety devices Power protection Glass fuse
Excess current detection Automatic cessation of electrolysis output
Excess temperature protection Built-in power transformer temperature sensor
Accessories Water faucet output (three types of water flow), attachment set, calcium glycerophosphate, pH measurement liquid, hose pipe set (W hose pipe, single hose pipe)

*Product specifications is subject to change without prior notification.


Operation Panel

Operation Panel

1.Cleaning Display Lamp

Cleaning of the electrolysis tank is conducted when the lamp is lit. Cleaning is automatically conducted after the water passes through the device. The lamp turns off after the cleaning.

2.Alkaline Water/Acid Water Display Lam

This lamp is lit according to when the electrolyzed alkaline water and electrolyzed acid water are being used.

3.Water Amount Display Lamp

This lamp displays the amount of water needed during electrolysis to produce each type of water.

4.Intensity Switch Display Lamp

This lamp displays the range set with the Intensity Switch Setting Button.

5.Music Lamp

Music is played when electrolyzed acid water is used while the lamp is on.

6.Stop Lamp

This lamp is lit when the safety device is working.

7.Switch Button

In accordance with use, water running from a faucet can be selected with this button from either alkaline water or acid water.

8.Intensity Switch Setting Button

● Electrolysis intensity can be selected from among four levels ranging from one to four.

● Purified water can also be selected.

9.Music Button

Whether or not music is played during the electrolyses of acid water can be selected with this button.

10.Cartridge Replacement Notification Lamp

This lamp flashes when a replacement water purifier cartridge is needed soon. If the lamp is lit, replacing the cartridge becomes necessary.